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The Bush GOP, Post-2006

The Los Angeles Times, channeling First Read, says that what lies ahead for the Bush's tenure "may be a two-sided presidency, one open to compromise on domestic legislation but committed to its basic strategy in Iraq and the war on terrorism - one-half Austin, Texas, one-half Sept. 11." 

The Dallas Morning News wonders if Rove can rebuild the GOP before 2008, while some speculate that the Rove era is over. 

The Washington Post sees bad news for GOP hopes of broadening the party in Tuesday's turnout: "Democrats won big... by undoing GOP gains among groups President Bush once envisioned as essential ingredients of a durable, conservative governing majority in Washington: Catholics, married mothers and Latinos.  These voters, who were instrumental in electing Republicans in recent elections, took flight from the GOP in large numbers." 

Channeling First Read, the Houston Chronicle writes that passing comprehensive immigration reform now seems more likely after the Democrats' victories.  "Still, few were rushing to predict that Congress will quickly - or successfully - tackle a major immigration overhaul in the legislative session that begins in January.  'Some of the worst (political) barriers have been washed away,' said Tamar Jacoby, an immigration expert with the conservative Manhattan Institute.  '(But) it's still going to be extremely hard to accomplish it in Congress.'"