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The Blame Game

USA Today rounds up finger-pointing by prominent Republicans like Bush, Rush Limbaugh, and Dick Armey yesterday. 

The Washington Post's Milbank says Bush, "who started his appearance with an admission that 'I share a large part of the responsibility,' went on to blame everybody else...  The president's performance fit neatly into yesterday's version of the post-election ritual in Washington: The winning side gloated, and the losing side pointed fingers every which way." 

"Republicans, including party leaders, acknowledged yesterday that the party had wandered far from its commitment 12 years ago to clean up corruption, shrink the federal government and slash irresponsible spending," says the Washington Times

The Los Angeles Times covers conservative leaders concluding yesterday that the party's losses weren't so much because of ideology as because the party strayed from its moorings on spending and the size of government.  "A Republican National Committee memo laying out talking points for conservative pundits, bloggers and other supporters - which was obtained by The Times - underscored that message, calling for the party to 'refocus conservative principles of less government, lower taxes, less regulation, strong national defense, judicial restraint and fiscal conservatism.'"