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Chocolate-coated bipartisan talk

From NBC's Mike Viqueira
The White House served pasta salad and a chocolate dessert -- called, no kidding, "Freedom Chocolate" -- at lunch today with House Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer.

In other news, topics of discussion included Iraq, Darfur, immigration reform, energy policy, R&D tax credits that have expired and are waiting to be renewed, and "fiscal responsibility," according to a Democratic leadership sources. Hoyer reminded the President that Tip O'Neill and Ronald Reagan worked together on tax reform and Social Security. One Democratic source described these issues as "areas of bipartisanship and urgency." These are all issues that have been emphasized by Democrats in the just-completed campaign.

On Iraq, they spoke of the bipartisan Iraq Study Group. Pelosi noted that while she's interested in what they have to say, she doesn't view the report as definitive or binding in any way. On immigration, Democrats are known to be keen for Bush to take the lead in order to give Democrats cover from the "amnesty" charge.