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Tuesday's Turnout

— "Nationally, more than 40% of eligible voters cast ballots in Tuesday's elections," says USA Today.  "That's up modestly from a turnout rate of 39.7% in" 2002.  Among the preliminary findings: "The USA's tightest Senate races brought out thousands more voters.  The turnout rate in Virginia's Senate race was 52%, compared to 39% in the last midterm election in 2002...  Montana's turnout rate increased to 62% from 55%."  Conversely, "[t]urnout sagged in less-competitive states."  And, "Contentious ballot measures didn't always draw voters.  In Colorado - where voters banned gay marriage, raised the minimum wage and turned down legalizing small amounts of marijuana - the turnout rate was about 58%, up from 49%.  But turnout in South Dakota, which rejected a strict abortion ban, dropped to 67% from 72% in 2002."