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Promise for change

From MSNBC's Hilary Rosen
Well it now appears that we will have a large Democratic majority in the House. And the Dems deserve it. It was a national campaign with a promise for change. Nancy Pelosi's first words tonight were conciliatory and promise to work with the President to give the American people the change they are seeking. There is no doubt that Pelosi's overwhelming majority will give her the strength to be tough with the White House. 

Pelosi's will take some risks. And my guess is that many in my party will push her to be more combative, but that won't be her first move.  She'll offer the President the chance to restore some oversight to the spending on the war; to the strategy of deployment and she will make sure that the House is open to the recommendations of the coming Baker Commission report. But in many respects, the ball is in the President's court. Will he listen to the people and play nice with the House or will he push for a fight on the big issues?