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Projections galore

NBC News has issued a series of projections for gubernatorial and senatorial races as well as state initiatives: Democrat Chet Culver is the projected winner of Iowa's governorship, Democrat Bill Ritter is the projected winner of Colorado's governorship, and Republican Linda Lingle is projected to be re-elected as Hawaii's governor.

Nevada Republican John Ensign and Hawaii Democrat Daniel Akaka are projected to win re-election to the U.S. Senate.

Here's a rundown of the initiative projections:

  • Montana: Yes on Initiative 151 (raising minimum wage)
  • Wisconsin: Yes on Referendum 1 (defining marriage)
  • Michigan: Yes on Proposition 2 (affirmative action)
  • Colorado: No on Amendment 44 (marijuana)
  • Arizona: Yes on Proposition 202¬† (raising minimum wage)
  • Arizona: No on Proposition 200 (voter reward)
  • Tennessee: Yes on Amendment 1 (defining marriage)
  • Ohio: No on Amendment 3 ("Learn & Earn")
  • Ohio: Yes on Amendment 2 (raising minimum wage)
  • Virginia: Yes on Amendment 1 (defining marriage)
  • South Carolina: Yes on¬†Amendment 1 (defining marriage)