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The aspiring majority

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi holds a conference call with the Democratic caucus today to talk about the latest developments in the election and about Democratic "voter-protection" efforts.

"The Democrats face their own pressures" with this election, Bloomberg notes.  "So many pollsters and pundits are predicting they will win the House that failing to do so might seriously rock the party's confidence and future...  Also, while Democrats have benefited from their opposition to Iraq, should they gain power they may be expected to come up with a solution to the war.  Some Democrats urge their party to resist that pressure." 

The Washington Post's Howard Kurtz says reporters may be rooting for a Democrat-run House because "divided government would produce what reporters like best: conflict...  Even the mundane prospect of the Democrats being able to bring their preferred legislation to the floor -- though most bills might never make it past the president's veto pen -- would give journalists a new script.  Divided government may or may not be good for the country, but it's great for the Fourth Estate."