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The defending majority


Republican National Committee chair Ken Mehlman has sent a memo to the press -- er, to GOP supporters touting the narrowing generic ballot result and the strength of the RNC's GOTV efforts.

The Washington Post says in its look at the two parties' last-minute pushes to get out the vote, "GOP strategists said they think their prospects continue to improve as voters digest the guilty verdict against former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, positive economic statistics and the prospect of Democrats taking control of one or both chambers of the legislative branch...  A senior GOP strategist said party officials anticipated that the generic vote would tighten, but they do not consider the shift significant enough to change the contours of this election.  More than 20 GOP incumbents are tied with their opponents heading into the final days." 

The New York Times writes that win or lose tomorrow, "Mr. Bush and his aides are charting a course that they say will take the president back to his roots as Texas governor, when he worked in a more bipartisan way with Democrats.  They are piecing together a domestic agenda that includes reviving the president's failed bid to overhaul entitlement programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid."  More: "But it is not clear how much bipartisanship is possible, even if Mr. Bush proves serious about it." 

The Washington Post reports that Speaker Dennis Hastert's future "is in doubt even if the Republicans retain control of the House because of unease among GOP lawmakers about his handling of the Foley page scandal and what a House ethics committee investigation might conclude about him." 

Democratic National Committee chair Howard Dean appears alongside his GOP counterpart, Ken Mehlman!  Well, in print, anyway.  Dean and Mehlman have dueling op-eds in USA Today.  Mehlman combines familiar GOP rhetoric from Bush, Cheney, Rove, etc. to charge that Democrats are weak on security and bad on taxes.  Dean basically repeats the Democrats' "Six for '06" agenda.