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More midterm mania


Obviously there's a lot out there today.  Among the better round-ups:

The Los Angeles Times leads its look at GOTV efforts with this question, "Which political force will prove stronger - the niche-marketing effort, led by GOP strategist Karl Rove and powered by computerized outreach methods, or the classic 'throw the bums out' mood of an electorate uneasy with the Iraq war and unhappy with one-party rule?" 

USA Today looks at the huge cash infusions into key races by the campaign committees and outside groups.  "Just since Friday, Republicans have put more than $2 million into Senate races in New Jersey, Tennessee and Virginia, federal reports show.  Democrats have spent $1.1 million for Senate candidates in Maryland, Montana, Tennessee and Virginia...  Major players for Republicans include tax and abortion opponent groups, the American Medical Association and the National Rifle Association.  Unions, environmentalists, backers of gay and abortion rights, and MoveOn.org are helping Democrats...  Small donors are another growing force," contributing "47% of what parties have raised this year, up from 28% in 2002.  The main reason is the rise of online giving." 

And in a lengthy article featuring dispatches from several of the most competitive House races in the country, the New York Times notes how Iraq, immigration, and the nation's economy have become the most pressing issues in the waning days of these campaigns.