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Ohio, Ohio, Ohio

From NBC's Patrice Fletcher and Mike Viqueira

Democrat Sherrod Brown of Ohio, his party's challenger to GOP Sen. Mike DeWine, is having to move his election-night party from a Hyatt in Columbus to a public auditorium in Cleveland. Per Brown spokesperson Joanne Kuebler, the Columbus hotel isn't big enough to accommodate the crowd they're now anticipating, whereas the Cleveland auditorium holds about 2,000 people. Kuebler says Brown's campaign is hearing from "all kinds of people who've known him for years." A string of public polls have shown Brown with a healthy and consistent lead over DeWine, and Democrats still smarting from President Bush's victory-cinching Ohio victory in 2004 clearly are looking to celebrate.

Remember Abramoff-plagued GOP Rep. Bob Ney? He has formally resigned from Congress. This was a forgone conclusion -- the only question being exactly when he would do it. Ney was facing the threat of an expulsion vote in the House come November 14, when they're scheduled to reconvene, and many on both sides had assumed he was hanging on just to collect the extra few thousand dollars in pay.