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Will Democrats take the Senate?

From NBC's Huma Zaidi
According to a new round of Reuters/Zogby polls, Democrats are leading in six of the seven hottest Senate races heading into next week's midterm elections, a clear sign that they are within striking distance of netting the six seats they need to take back the Senate. 

Democrats duking it out with Republican incumbents in Missouri, Virginia and Montana are tied in statistical dead heats while Democratic candidates in Maryland, New Jersey and Connecticut have leads outside the margin of error.

Sen. Joe Lieberman (I) leads Ned Lamont (D) by 12 points in Connecticut, and Sen. Bob Menendez (D) leads challenger Tom Kean, Jr. (R) by the same margin. In Maryland, Ben Cardin (D) has a five-point lead over Michael Steele (R).

The one piece of good news for Republicans in the poll is in Tennessee, where Bob Corker (R) leads Harold Ford (D) by 10 points.