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The Vote

After malfunctions and counting problems during the Maryland primaries made national headlines, the Washington Post front-pages concerns about problems that might still remain. (GOP Gov. Bob Ehrlich, facing a tough re-election fight, has said he'll vote absentee because he doubts the system; Democrats have accused him of trying to spread skepticism about voting.)

Under an agreement reached yesterday, Ohio voters will not need to present ID to vote absentee, the Columbus Dispatch says, but they will need to show it at the polls on election day. "Lawyers for Attorney General Jim Petro and groups that had sued to block the ID requirement negotiated for about 13 hours yesterday before reaching a deal approved by U.S. District Judge Algenon L. Marbley. The agreement takes the dispute out of the courts."

Watchdog groups in Iowa are urging voters to avoid touch-screen voting, after reports of random glitches have surfaced. But in 19 counties in the state, voters will have no choice, unless they cast an absentee ballot, the Des Moines Register says.