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The Aspiring Majority

House Democrats borrow a page from the Bush playbook with a "New Direction Radio Day" today, during which Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and others will do GOTV radio interviews on more than 55 shows around the country, per a Pelosi spokesperson.  Some of the radio programs have progressive, national and regional African-American, and national and regional Hispanic audiences.  Others are in key markets such as Portland, Denver, Miami/West Palm Beach, and Buffalo/Albany.

Bloomberg looks at some of the Democratic candidates whose more conservative positions may help them win, but may complicate the party's efforts to pursue a more liberal agenda if they win the majority. 

USA Today looks at how these candidates are getting help from liberal bloggers.  "President Bush's unpopularity, the Iraq war and congressional scandals are making it easier than usual for Democrats to bury their differences for now.  The moderate makeup of contested states and congressional districts also helps." 

The Washington Post examines House Democrats' proposal to "add tens of billions of dollars a year to the federal budget for the military, homeland security and education yet still impose a new budget restraint that would make it harder to widen the annual deficit.  Republicans and budget experts doubt that Democrats could do both simultaneously."  House Democrats' agenda "represents a consensus between the House Democrats' disparate factions," and "contains plenty of pricey measures, including a commitment to 'rebuild a state-of-the-art military capable of projecting power wherever necessary.'  The plan would also double the size of the military's special forces."