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It's the economy


"November marks the five-year anniversary of the end of the last recession and the beginning of the latest U.S. economic expansion," notes USA Today.  "But whether the USA will have another five years of economic growth without sliding into recession - at least matching the record 10-year expansion that ended in 2001 - is an issue that sharply divides economists." 

Gas prices are up slightly this week for the first time since early August. 

Bloomberg points out that almost nowhere do candidates seem to be talking about the looming alternative minimum tax problem, which will "hit more than 20 million households next year, some with incomes as low as $50,000...  Most candidates are avoiding the subject because the cost of stopping the tax increase would obstruct key elements of their agendas...  Those candidates who do mention the minimum tax offer few specifics for fixing it." 

The Financial Times notices that as New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer (D) cruises to the governorship, "[n]ot a single big business group has come out against Mr Spitzer, and some, especially in New York's job-starved northern regions, have endorsed him.  Even the financial services industry, which was the target of the Democratic attorney-general's highest-profile investigations, is largely sitting on its hands."