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The campaigners-in-chief


The New York Times writes that at yesterday's rally in Texas, Bush was greeted like a man "whose public approval ratings are 73 percent, not 37 percent…  The back-to-back rallies created just the image White House strategists are seeking for the president in the waning days of the campaign: that of a confident leader, surrounded by adoring supporters." 

The Washington Times notices Bush suddenly talking about judicial nominees, border security, and a gay-marriage ban yesterday -- "themes that have been absent for most of the election season, but which he is now using to energize the party's base...  White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said themes were added because Mr. Bush is speaking to different audiences at the rallies and said this stump speech will carry Mr. Bush through Election Day." 

En route back to Washington from Texas last night, a jovial Karl Rove once again passed out candy (chocolate-covered pecans) to the traveling press corps.  "Those who daintily took just one were admonished by the bearer to 'take more, take more,'" per the pool report.  "He made a quick round of the cabin and paused on his way back out to declare, 'Sweets for my sweets.'"

Republican National Committee chair Ken Mehlman campaigns in some of the "killing fields" today for Indiana Rep. Mike Sodrel and Ohio Reps. Steve Chabot and Jean Schmidt.