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More Midterm Mania

The Los Angeles Times profiles House Minority Leader -- and possible incoming Speaker -- Nancy Pelosi from the perspective of how this national-level pol fits, and doesn't fit her San Francisco district. 

CONNECTICUT Sen. Joe Lieberman's independent bid is getting a boost from Mayor Mike Bloomberg.  Bloomberg's political organization, which views itself as the last big independent campaign effort, is pitching in.  And Bloomberg is scheduled to endorse Lieberman today.  Democratic nominee Ned Lamont is once again trying to go on the offensive against Lieberman on the Iraq war with a new ad featuring former (and possibly future) presidential candidate Wes Clark.  In the ad, Clark asserts that "Joe Lieberman introduced the resolution authorizing the war in Iraq.  That was a mistake…  Re-elect Joe Lieberman?  Well, there's a word for it: mistake."  

MSNBC's Chris Matthews moderates a FLORIDA gubernatorial debate in Tampa which will air live on MSNBC and on all NBC Florida affiliates.  The Miami Herald writes that this "debate could be a make-it-or-break-it moment for" Democratic nominee Jim Davis, "who is trying to close a dwindling but stubborn gap in the polls."

A new IDAHO Statesman poll shows the governor's race and the race for the state's open House seat are basically tied. 

Michael J. Fox continues to hit the campaign trail for Democrats who support expanded embryonic stem-cell research, rallying today with IOWA gubernatorial candidate Chet Culver (D).

The Washington Post front-pages its coverage of the MARYLAND Senate debate on NBC's Meet the Press yesterday.  Iraq dominated about half the hour, but "the most dramatic exchanges came when host Tim Russert pressed Steele about his opposition to abortion and embryonic stem cell research, and about his long-standing support for President Bush.  Such views don't typically sit well in heavily Democratic Maryland, and they have gone largely unmentioned by Steele during his year on the campaign trail...  This marked the first time in a series of debates that Steele has appeared on the defensive."  The Washington Times looks at questions about race and about the black vote that weren't addressed in the debate.  

Dick DeVos, the Republican candidate for governor of MICHIGAN, has spent $34 million of his own money. 

In NEVADA, where Bush will rally supporters on Thursday, GOP gubernatorial nominee Jim Gibbons, who has been "accused of assaulting a casino cocktail server, said he is willing to take a lie-detector test to prove his innocence." 

In NEW JERSEY, a federal lawsuit that has been revised to include vulnerable Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez.  The New York Times endorses Menendez today.   

In TEXAS, in advance of Bush's visit later today, a new Houston Chronicle poll shows 36% saying they will vote for Lampson, while 35% say they will vote for a write-in candidate -- "a statistical tie in a race many experts are chalking up to Democrats.  That said, casting a ballot for the write-in Sekula-Gibbs won't be easy.  "A write-in candidate has never won a U.S. House race in Texas.  And only six write-in candidates nationwide have been elected to Congress - five in the House and one in the Senate."