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The Campaigners-in-Chief

Tomorrow, Laura Bush campaigns in New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.

En route from Michigan to Washington last night, Karl Rove appeared in the press area of Air Force One bearing a tray of chocolate-covered caramels that he'd purchased during Bush's earlier stop at a candy store.  Per the pool report, "He was asked for his November 7 report.  'Victory, victory, victory,' he said, flashing a two-finger 'V' sign and smiling.  Then he said, 'I'm here as the candyman, not the prognosticator.'"

Looking to gin up the base while in Iowa yesterday, Bush commented on the New Jersey gay marriage decision at a fundraiser for House candidate Jeff ("Dave") Lamberti: "Yesterday in New Jersey we had another activist court issue a ruling that raises doubts about the institution of marriage.  I believe that marriage is a union between a man and a woman and I believe... I believe it's a sacred institution and it's critical to the health of our society and the well being of families and it must be defended."

The Los Angeles Times, reporting on Bush and former President Clinton both being on the stump yesterday, said the New Jersey decision "provided a fresh opportunity" for Bush "to speak to the heart of a cultural issue that motivated many conservative voters who had propelled him and other GOP candidates to victory in recent years - but whose enthusiasm for Bush and his party has been lagging, according to some polls."  Clinton, meanwhile, struck back at GOP criticism of Democrats over Iraq. 

House Government Reform ranking member Henry Waxman's report on taxpayer-funded agency-head travel, which we reported yesterday, prompts the Washington Post to look at all the stumping Bush Cabinet officials have been doing for GOP candidates lately. 

"Death of a President," the controversial, fictitious account of an assassination of President Bush, is hitting theatres.