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Your Vote

USA Today has a bunch of stories about the vote.  On early voting: "State officials report that in-person early voting appears up before the elections Nov. 7...  Election officials and voting experts say it's unclear whether the jump in early voting reflects a high degree of voter enthusiasm or is an extension of a gradual increase since 1980...  In 2004, about 22% of the vote was cast early, either in person or by absentee voting by mail...  No early voting totals are available for the last midterm election in 2002." 

The paper also rounds up potential issues with new voting equipment and laws.  "Three in every 10 voting jurisdictions in the USA are using new equipment, up from 9% in 2004.  More than 20 states are using paper trails for the first time, which produce printouts of voters' choices.  Dozens of states have new voter registration and identification requirements.  About 1.2 million poll workers and tens of thousands of technicians are still being trained to open the polls before daybreak, set up and maintain the machines, and work up to 15-hour shifts." 

The New York Times says Democrats fear that some African-American -- and thus Democratic -- voters might not turn out at the polls this year because of disillusionment with the election process.  "'This notion that elections are stolen and that elections are rigged is so common in the public sphere that we're having to go out of our way to counter them this year,' said Donna Brazile, a Democratic strategist."