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The values debate

— The New York Times on the gay marriage decision in New Jersey: "The New Jersey court did not go as far as Massachusetts, which in 2003 became the first state to permit gay marriage.  Instead, it could be considered the new Vermont, which created civil unions for gay couples in 2000, in the politically, legally and culturally charged world of same-sex marriage."  More: "[B]y issuing a nuanced and complicated 90-page ruling that left observers struggling to declare who won and who lost, the court may have neutralized gay marriage as an issue in the Nov. 7 elections." 

The Chicago Tribune: "After setbacks this year in state courts in New York, Nebraska, Washington and Georgia, gay-marriage advocates greeted Wednesday's decision with relief…  Opponents of gay marriage said the New Jersey court had shown the same judicial arrogance as the Vermont and Massachusetts courts."

USA Today lists the eight states with same-sex marriage bans on the ballot this fall.