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The defending majority

— Bush budget director Rob Portman gives the Financial Times an interview in which he says a Democratic takeover of Congress would threaten the US economy because it "would jeopardise efforts to contain government spending, put upward pressure on taxes and undermine ­America's ability to negotiate free trade agreements...  However, he said he was hopeful that the two parties could come together for a serious attempt to reform Social Security and Medicare after the election, regardless of who won."  And he "warned voters against assuming that [Bush] could veto all extra spending proposals." 

The Houston Chronicle examines the Republicans' vaunted GOTV operation.  "The election results will show whether the GOP machine is powerful enough to overcome what many polls show to be low public ratings of Bush's performance, the war in Iraq and the performance of Republican majorities in the House and Senate." 

A new e-mail solicitation from RNC chair Ken Mehlman blasts a "Kerry/Kennedy bid for liberal control of Congress."