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RNC ends airing controversial ad

From MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell and Jennifer Yuille
The Republican National Committee is saying that its controversial ad against Tennessee Senate candidate Harold Ford Jr. (D) -- which suggests interracial dating between Ford and a Playboy playmate -- has "run its course" and will finish airing today. An RNC spokesperson insists that the committee isn't pulling the ad, but rather that it has just run its course.

A new RNC ad, which first began running on Sunday in Knoxville, will be rotated in its place. It goes: "Harold Ford Jr. He's slick. He's smooth. But his record? A little shaky. Ford is Tennessee's most liberal Congressman. He campaigns in a church, but took cash from Hollywood's top X rated porn moguls." More: "Harold Ford. Smooth talk. Extreme values."