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Hastert emerges from Ethics

From NBC's Mike Viqueira
Speaker Dennis Hastert has emerged from the House Ethics Committee hearing room after about two and a half hours.  (His deputy chief of staff, Mike Stokke, was also seen going into the room, where we think he's now testifying.)

Hastert told reporters that he answered the committee's questions "to the best of my ability," and that he wants the committee to find out everyonewho knew about Mark Foley's conduct.  "Who knew about the sexually explicit messages... when did they know it?" he asked rhetorically.

Translation: Virtually every Republican member who has emerged from the committee after testifying has given a variation of the same line.  They are trying to imply that there were Democrats who knew of the explicit communications (not just the "overfriendly" e-mails that they admit to knowing of), and that they need to be called to testify, as well.