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And a dash of oh-eight

— Romney's supporters are trying to temper fallout from a Boston Globe report that his camp was trying to come up with a way to build a network of Mormon supporters for a possible presidential bid by getting the church involved.  One of Romney's supporters is taking blame for the "mess," saying that details of the meetings between Romney's camp and religious leaders were overblown. 

GOP Sen. John McCain's stance on the Iraq war is isolating him from his party and could hurt his chances in 2008.  The Boston Globe writes that by "establishing himself as perhaps his party's biggest Iraq hawk has increasingly isolated McCain within the GOP ranks, and could harm his 2008 presidential prospects if the war remains as unpopular as it is now, political analysts say." 

And more Obama-mania!  The New York Times covers Obama's meeting yesterday with the American Society of Magazine Editors, where he "created a little sunlight on Monday between himself and both Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton."  For one thing, he announced he did inhale as a youth (compared with Bill Clinton's famous announcement to the contrary).  And, despite showering plenty of praise on Hillary, he said they had "'different assessments'" about the wisdom of going into Iraq.