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Lamont up with new ad

From NBC's Mark Murray
As a new Quinnipiac poll shows Sen. Joe Lieberman (I) leading Democratic nominee Ned Lamont, 52%-35% (with GOP nominee Alan Schlesinger at 6%), the Lamont campaign has unveiled a brand-new TV ad featuring Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd (D), which it hopes will begin narrowing the race.  In the ad, Dodd narrates, "People want change... We need need a new direction and I think [Lamont] can help us there."

Meanwhile, Lieberman's campaign manager just released a statement on Lieberman's lead in the poll. "It shows that the people of Connecticut are tired of all the finger-pointing and name-calling, and that they are responding to our positive agenda for change in Washington. But one thing we can agree on with the Lamont campaign is that in the end, the only poll that really matters is on Election Day."