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The defending majority


The New York Times front-pages a divided GOP -- tax-cutters are blaming evangelicals, conservatives are pointing their finger at neo-cons, and almost everyone is blaming Foley.  "Whether the election will bear out their pessimism remains to be seen…  But the post-mortem recriminations can influence politics and policy for years after the fact.  After 1992, Republicans shunned tax increases.  After 1994, Democrats avoided gun control and health care reform.  And 2004 led some Democrats to start quoting Scripture and rethinking abortion rights." 

Bloomberg looks at Republican campaign committee spending in areas of the country that until now had been reliably Republican. 

Sen. John McCain (R) is scheduled to headline a mid-day fundraiser for vulnerable Rep. Tom Reynolds in Rochester, NY, with a joint media availability to follow.  Karl Rove also headlines an evening fundraiser for Reynolds.  Reynolds, the party's House campaign committee chief, has gone from being a fairly safe bet for re-election to being one of his party's most endangered incumbents because of his role in the Foley scandal.