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The aspiring majority

— "The Democratic Party's three major campaign committees raised more money last month than their Republican counterparts, slicing deep into a financial edge Republicans hoped would provide an advantage in the final weeks," says the Wall Street Journal. 

Appearing with Republican National Committee chair Ken Mehlman on TODAY this morning (and reminding us by doing so that Democratic National Committee chair Howard Dean has spent the entire election cycle avoiding joint appearances with Mehlman), former DNC chair Terry McAuliffe said that Democrats would retake control of both chambers of Congress if the election were held today.  Mehlman predicted Republicans would hang onto both because of Democrats' alleged pro-tax and anti-security positions.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is poised to win re-election and possibly become Speaker.  But in an article entitled "Only in S.F. would minority leader be criticized as too moderate," the San Francisco Chronicle notes that Pelosi is facing opposition from both the right and left in her bid for re-election.