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Bush on the stump

From NBC's Kelly O'Donnell and Elizabeth Wilner
Campaigning at a (still rare, so far) public event with endangered GOP Rep. Don Sherwood in Pennsylvania today, President Bush offered some strong partisan rhetoric.  On the Democratic party: "There is only one position in the Democrat party that everybody seems to agree on. If you wanna be a Democrat these days, you can be for almost anything, but victory in Iraq is not an option." And on House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi: "The Speaker of the House, official third in line for presidency, would be a congresswoman who voted against renewing the Patriot Act,against creating the Department of Homeland Security, against removing Saddam Hussein from power, against continuing the terrorist surveillance program, and against questioning terrorists in the CIA program."

Sherwood, who's vulnerable mainly because of an admitted extramarital affair, brought his wife and daughter onto Air Force One via the back steps when the plane landed in Pennsylvania so that they could be seen deplaning down the main staircase alongside the President, per the pool reporter.