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McCain (jokingly) raises the stakes

From NBC's WHO-TV in Des Moines and MSNBC's Hardball
Sen. John McCain (R) joked yesterday that he would "commit suicide" if Democrats win control of the Senate in November. 

McCain made the remark during a campaign stop in Iowa on behalf of Republican congressional candidates. When asked for his reaction to a potential Democratic takeover of the Senate in the midterm elections, McCain said, "I think I'd just commit suicide... I don't want to face that eventuality because I don't think it's going to happen. I think it's going to be tough, but I think we'll do OK."

Asked about the comment by MSNBC's Chris Matthews on Hardball last night, McCain, said, "I thought that was a pretty good line."  Matthews: "But is it that important?"  McCain: "I think it's important to America, but I think it's -- every once in a while, we should have a little levity."