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More midterm mania

In another brewing spat between the Democratic House campaign committee and the Democratic National Committee, the Washington Post reports that the party's top House strategists are willing to broaden their pool of targeted races in these final weeks to make the most of the bad climate for Republicans, but that the DNC isn't kicking in money to help.  "The [DNC] has no plans to help finance a last-minute push because it just took out a loan to spend up to $10 million more, primarily on Senate races."  (Editor's note: A loan?)  But the DNC isn't the only potential source of funding that's not coming through.


"A record 22 Democratic candidates have raised at least $1 million each to challenge incumbents in the most competitive House races," Bloomberg reports.  "The number who had passed the $1 million threshold by the end of last month was nearly double the number at a comparable point in 2004."