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In case of a Democratic majority

— Bush's "legislative affairs team brushes aside the idea of large-scale Democratic victories in November," Roll Call reports.  "On Bush's 2007 agenda, they say, will be some long-standing items, such as reforming Social Security and Medicare, a comprehensive immigration overhaul and reauthorization of the No Child Left Behind Act.  In the nearer term, the White House will focus on wrapping up any outstanding business as the 109th Congress draws to a close."

If Democrats win control of the House, close observers see little happening during the scheduled lame-duck session in November.  NBC's Mike Viqueira says the main outstanding issue is $463 billion in discretionary spending (defense and homeland security spending were taken care of before Congress left for recess), which the House could try to pass in November, or put off with a continuing resolution until January.  If Republicans retain control of the House, the lame-duck session could look quite different, with Republicans trying to pass tax-cut extensions, more piecemeal immigration reforms, the NSA warrantless wiretapping bill, and trade bills, just to name a few.  Boehner has informed Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi that a GOP-run House wouldn't leave till close to Christmas.