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The campaigner-in-chief


The New York Times reports on how Bush last month held a meeting with conservative radio hosts who have disagreed with the White House and GOP on immigration, and more recently on the handling of the Foley scandal.  "Strategists on both sides agree that the party's greatest hope for holding control of Congress now rests with its ability to get core Republicans to vote, and that talk radio, which reaches millions of them, is crucial to the task."  The story adds that the White House will hold a kind of talk-radio summit on October 24. 

"Bush's political pitch boils down to two words and one argument," notes USA Today in a look at how Bush's stump speeches are put together.  "The words are taxes and terrorism.  The argument: Democrats are wrong on both...  Like an old song with new verses, Bush's basic text is constantly updated.  White House communications director Kevin Sullivan said most of Bush's speech comes from the president's handwritten notes, from an outline he developed." 

Although Cheney's favorability ratings are low, the New York Times takes a front-page look at "Cheney Country" -- the military bases, hotel ballrooms, and private homes in the reddest of red states where he's adored. 

The White House press office said that as of yesterday, Tony Snow had participated or is scheduled to participate in a total of 20 political events: 17 fundraisers and three get-out-the-vote events.