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The RNC loves Ohio

From NBC's Elizabeth Wilner
Despite its fundraising advantage over Democrats, the Republican National Committee is finding itself in the unusual position of having to defend its campaign spending decisions. After the New York Times reported this morning that national Republicans are cutting back their investments in Sen. Mike DeWine's re-election campaign in Ohio, RNC chair Ken Mehlman did a conference call with local media to reiterate the RNC's commitment to DeWine and to the state.

"Ohio is and remains an incredibly top priority for us. It's one I'm very confident Mike DeWine can and will win. The evidence of our commitment is that we're putting our money where our mouth is. No state will receive more resources from the Republican National Committee than Ohio. From this point forward, we will spend millions more on turnout and millions more on message. We have a huge staff. And intend and have right now a very aggressive program," Mehlman said on the call, per a transcript provided by the RNC.