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Obama's audacious PR tour

Special to First Read from The Hotline

The Audacity of Hope, Sen. Barack Obama's second book, will be uncrated at bookstores everywhere on Tuesday. His publicity tour hits all of the heavyweights. It began over the weekend with Time Magazine, which gave its cover to the senator with 99th lowest seniority. Joe Klein wrote the lead article (which included this fascinating sentence to describe how Obama elicits different reactions: "The African Americans tend to be fairly reserved--quiet pride, knowing nods and be-careful-now looks. The white people, by contrast, are out of control").

On Wednesday, Obama appears on Oprah from Chicago. Thursday and Friday are devoted to conventional interviews on The Today Show, Tom Joyner's radio show, NPR, Tavis Smiley, and a variety of niche media. Obama tapes 60 Minutes for Sunday, and then on Sunday morning, is Tim Russert's guest on Meet the Press.

BTW: Here is Obama's careful construction about 2008, per Klein: "When the election is over and my book tour is done, I will think about how I can be most useful to the country and how I can reconcile that with being a good dad and a good husband," he says carefully, and then adds, "I haven't completely decided or unraveled that puzzle yet."