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It's the economy...

— Suddenly security doesn't seem like such a great issue for Republicans anymore?  "President Bush and Republican Senate and House candidates are talking more about taxes in speeches, debates and TV spots after polls showed it is the Republican Party's best issue in a tough midterm election season," per the Washington Times.  "After being off the campaign radar for months, the tax issue is now turning up in races from Virginia to Minnesota, with a little recent help from Democrats." 

Bush's chief economic advisor from 2001-2002, Larry Lindsey, touts the Bush tax cuts in a Wall Street Journal op-ed, saying they've not only had a positive effect on the economy but also on the budget.

The Wall Street Journal's Washington Wire reports, "Only 12 of 35 in WSJ.com survey see optimal economic performance if Republicans keep both houses of Congress for last two years of Bush's term.  Favored outcome of respondents: Democrats win the House but not the Senate."