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And a dash of oh-eight


The Washington Post observes that with Warner out, and depending on whether Sen. George Allen (R) survives his re-election campaign, Virginia could go from having two presidential contenders to none. 

More from the Post: "Seeking to quickly capitalize on Warner's decision, Bayh spent the day reaching out to jilted Warner backers -- making the argument that his campaign is a natural landing spot for them." 

The Boston Globe notes that Warner's "exit leaves the potential Democratic field with only one leading Southerner -- former North Carolina Senator John Edwards -- and a surfeit of candidates from the Northeast, a region from which Democratic candidates have had trouble winning national campaigns in the past." 

In a new Granite State Poll, Sens. John McCain (R) and Hillary Clinton "are the early front-runners in New Hampshire" for their parties' nomination.  McCain also will do MSNBC's Hardball College Tour from Iowa State University on Wednesday. 

Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani yesterday made his first stop in New Hampshire in two years.  The Union Leader says Giuliani was there as a "cheerleader" for the state GOP, "urging local activists and officials to focus during this tough election season on the themes that have historically brought them success."  Asked about running for president, Giuliani said, "'I'm thinking about it...  I'm not going to decide about it until next year."

GOP Gov. Mitt Romney's PAC has hired former top Jeb Bush strategist Sally Bradshaw.  "Bradshaw's presence helps Romney shore up his credentials with conservatives who view the Florida governor as one of their favorite Republicans...  Bradshaw's decision to work for Romney also confirms that the Florida governor" is not planning to run himself in 2008. 

Romney is trying to make some inroads with the Beltway elite, reports the Boston Globe.  In a key meeting next week, Romney and his group plan to "'review a plan to identify, recruit, and involve individuals as advocates and donors to the Romney team.'"