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The campaigner-in-chief

— The Washington Post notices how Bush has, in speeches, "repeatedly declared a range of problems 'unacceptable,' including rising health costs, immigrants who live outside the law,  North Korea's claimed nuclear test, genocide in Sudan and Iran's nuclear ambitions.  Bush's decision to lay down blunt new markers about the things he deems intolerable comes at an odd time, a phase of his presidency in which all manner of circumstances are not bending to his will...  Some presidential scholars and psychologists describe the trend as a signpost of Bush's rising frustration with his declining influence." 

Bush today also does another fundraiser for the Republican National Committee in Washington today which is expected to bring in around $900,000.  Vice President Cheney's office said that yesterday's fundraiser for Rep. Jim Ryun (R) in Topeka was Cheney's 113th campaign event of the cycle (dating back to March 2005), with total take of $40 million.  He has done 57 events for House candidates and incumbents, 20 Senate events, four gubernatorial events, and 32 for national and state party committees.