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It's the Economy ...

— The Financial Times on Bush's deficit announcement yesterday: "Mr Bush said the reduced deficit was proof his 'pro-growth policies worked', and that his tax cuts should be made permanent...  Some economists were sceptical that the tax cuts had generated the economic growth and pointed out that much of the recovery in tax revenues... appeared to be linked to record corporate profits.  They warned that 2006 could mark a low in budget deficits before rising next year...  Administration officials denied that they manipulated forecasts for political purposes.  Ed Lazear, chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, last week said the forecasts had nothing to do 'with strategic behaviour by anybody.'" 

Per a new poll, 80% "of Americans believe it is difficult for most first-time buyers to afford a home…  Many people - 59 percent - believe the situation is worse now than five years ago."