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GOP Turmoil

The New York Times on Bush appearing with Hastert today: "Only weeks ago, Illinois Republicans worried about having Mr. Bush attend a fund-raiser for local Congressional candidates on Thursday, given his approval ratings.  Mr. Hastert's name was highlighted on the invitations, printed larger than Mr. Bush's.  Now, it is Mr. Hastert who is seen as the bigger liability.  And now it is Mr. Bush who is trying to boost Mr. Hastert." 

Channeling First Read, the Washington Post notes how the scandal has "sidelined" Hastert and House GOP campaign committee chief Tom Reynolds right when they otherwise would be focusing intently on helping to elect Republicans. 

The New York Times front-pages how GOP Rep. Deborah Pryce's earlier admission to a local magazine that Foley was one of her friends in Congress has made her tough bid for re-election even tougher.  "The Foley case is becoming an issue in an increasing number of races…  But nowhere else has it become quite as pitched as here, where [Democrat Mary Jo] Kilroy - who had already been trying to link Ms. Pryce to corruption scandals in Ohio involving Republicans - has moved in with withering attacks since Mr. Foley resigned." 

The Houston Chronicle notes that the Foley scandal might even affect the races in the red state of Texas.  "'It's not a matter of just one or two races.  Every race.  Because what it really does is suppress turnout,' said GOP consultant Royal Masset.  'I really figure that Foley is probably at this point taking about 3 percent out of our vote...  If people are just mad at Republicans, they're not going to vote.'" 

USA Today takes its turn looking at how "the investigation is exposing a politically awkward fact of life: some GOP leaders practice a more tolerant brand of politics in their office hiring than some in the party have preached on the campaign trail."