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What Fordham will say

From NBC's Aram Roston
Per a source familiar with the ethics investigation on Capitol Hill, former Foley chief of staff Kirk Fordham will testify today before the House Ethics Committee that former House Clerk Jeff Trandahl, who helped oversee the page program, brought concerns to Fordham's attention several times about Foley's "chumminess" with pages. Fordham also will testify that he tried to discuss the matter with Foley several times, but did not have success in stopping the inappropriate behavior.

This source also expects Fordham to testify that the key incident, which prompted him to appoach the Speaker's office, was a report that "Mark showed up at the page dorm drunk after work, trying to get in." And, that he was notified of the incident by Trandahl, then the House Clerk, and that the two men agreed that Fordham would go to the Speaker's office to try to get them to intercede directly with Foley.

Fordham is also likely to testify that he spoke in person with Scott Palmer, Hastert's powerful chief of staff. However, as Fordham's lawyer has publicly said, Fordham cannot pinpoint the date of that approach. And, according to the source, Fordham will say his understanding later was that Palmer had indeed talked to Foley and had "taken care" of the issue.