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The blotter II

— Senate Judiciary chair Arlen Specter has acknowledged that the FBI is investigating whether a member of his staff broke the law "by helping her husband, a lobbyist, secure almost $50 million in Pentagon spending for his clients."  USA Today points out that the "probe stems from a February report by USA TODAY about" the staffer, in which the paper reported that "Specter helped direct $48.7 million in Pentagon spending over the past five years to clients of her lobbyist husband." 

He isn't the first member to come under this kind of scrutiny, but he might be the most vulnerable one to face it this year: The Wall Street Journal looks at how the projects GOP Rep. Charles Taylor steers to his North Carolina district have raised the value of Taylor's real estate holdings there.  "Mr. Taylor says using his clout to bring federal money to his district is nothing to apologize for.  He warns that the largess might dry up if [former Redskins QB and Democrat Heath] Shuler, a political novice, is elected."