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The Bush agenda

The Washington Post's Milbank points out that participants in yesterday's White House conference on school safety, which was scheduled in the wake of school shootings in three states, barely mentioned the word "guns."  "This was no misfire.  The White House... neglected to invite any gun-control advocates...  While experts dispute how much blame to place on children's access to guns, even the invited guests found it a bit odd to banish the topic entirely from a school-violence forum." 

The Los Angeles Times suggests the Bushes avoided the topic yesterday because it's "a politically volatile issue sure to inflame partisan passions in a midterm election year." 

Another topic Bush has refrained from mentioning: immigration.  "After having pressed all year to get a broad immigration bill, including legal status for illegal aliens from Congress, Mr. Bush now ignores the issue at campaign events and fundraisers, and Vice President Dick Cheney has even dropped what used to be a regular reference to immigration from his campaign stump speech," says the Washington Times.  "It's an odd mixed message, given that many Republicans are running heavily... on the issue...  White House deputy press secretary Dana Perino said they think the election will be decided on other issues."