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The Blotter I: Foley

The AP reports that the FBI is expected to interview former congressional page Jordan Edmund at an undisclosed location in Oklahoma City today.  Edmund "may have received suggestive electronic messages from Foley." 

The Los Angeles Times says the House Ethics probe "is shaping up as a classic 'he said/he said.'"  The paper also reports that the scandal is "sparking political concerns at the highest levels of the White House, with strategist Karl Rove conceding in a private briefing that the matter 'complicates things' for some Republican candidates who have been linked to the scandal." 

After the Washington Post reported that a former page had lodged a complaint about Foley's behavior with retiring Rep. Jim Kolbe (R) in 2000, the New York Times got Kolbe on the phone, but he refused to give any answers for the time being.  "Reached by telephone on Monday while he was traveling in Europe, Mr. Kolbe declined to answer questions about the page's complaint or Mr. Foley's case.  In a brief conversation, he said: 'We'll have a statement on that.  We'll have a statement on that.'"