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And a Dash of Oh-Eight

Gov. Mitt Romney (R) is picking up momentum in South Carolina, where conservative Republicans "want to derail John McCain's straight talk express," The State wrote yesterday.  "Their goal is to head off McCain at the pass - meaning South Carolina - and keep him from winning the Republican presidential nomination." 

The Wall Street Journal looks at how the oh-eighters are out campaigning hard for midterm election candidates.  "The exercise isn't just about helping others." 

Sen. Barack Obama (D) raises money today for Senate candidate Amy Klobuchar in Minneapolis, MN and for Senate candidate Sherrod Brown in Cleveland.  And Gen. Wesley Clark campaigned in Iowa over the weekend, where he called for a new direction in the Iraq war that can only come with a new president, reports the Des Moines Register.  "In a conversation with Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Ia., and Rep. Jim Oberstar, D-Minn., he pounded a fist into one hand when making the point, telling them he would do 'everything I can' to change the course of the war.'" 

Those inside Sen. John Kerry's inner circle say they're convinced he'll run for president again, reports the Boston Globe.  "Kerry himself insisted he has not decided whether to run.  But more than a dozen longtime loyalists interviewed for this story said they had no doubt that Kerry would attempt what a host of Washington doubters think unimaginable: become the first Democrat in half a century to lose a general election and be renominated four years later." 

And Sen. Russ Feingold (D) tells the New York Daily News that he's the best man qualified to win his party's nomination.  "'Of all the people who are being considered for President there's only one person that actually voted against the Iraq war and one person who voted against the USA Patriot Act,' he said.  'People know that - that this is the real thing.'"