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The Blotter II

In general, it's not a good time for lawmakers on the ballot to be found having broken ethics rules.  The AP reported yesterday that Virginia Sen. George Allen (R) failed to disclose stock options from high-tech companies on whose boards he sat, and "also asked the Army to help another business that gave him similar options...  In interviews, Allen and his staff sought to play down his corporate dealings, saying they were a good learning experience but did not lead to extraordinary riches - except for a quarter-million-dollar windfall from" one stock.  Allen and his Democratic opponent, Jim Webb, are scheduled to debate in Richmond this evening. 

Late Friday, word came that Susan Ralston, a top aide to Karl Rove who had previously work for Jack Abramoff, had resigned.  "As Rove's top staffer and a special assistant to the president, Ralston becomes the closest aide to Bush to leave in a scandal that has so far enveloped lobbyists, lawmakers, Capitol Hill aides and an administration procurement official while, until now, sparing the inner sanctum of the White House," said the Saturday Los Angeles Times

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin has endorsed Rep. William Jefferson (D) in his bid for re-election despite that $90,000 found in Jefferson's freezer, noting that Jefferson was one of a few lawmakers to stand by him in his own race earlier this year.