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It's the economy...

— Fed chief Ben Bernanke spoke about one of the market's biggest fears yesterday and in a way, he contained it, says CNBC's Patti Domm.  By quantifying economic damage from the housing market, he put a marker down that matched Wall Street's expectations, allowing the stock market to read the bad news and move on.  Stocks set off on a winning streak that was followed overnight by equities markets around the world.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi gives the first of what an aide says will be a series of speeches on the economy by the party's leadership.  In her remarks today, per the AP, Pelosi will promise "to raise the minimum wage while cutting taxes to spur economic growth and help the middle class.  She also vows that Democrats will keep American jobs from going overseas by repealing current tax incentives if voters give her party the reins of Congress on Nov. 7."