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The Defending Majority

Joe Negron needs a "unique" campaign strategy to educate voters about why a vote for Foley is really a vote for him, says the Miami Herald.  Negron's "top priority is calling and sending mailings to the 17,000 voters who already have requested absentee ballots...  Negron said election supervisors should send notices to absentee ballot voters explaining that Foley is just a 'placeholder' for him." 

The Washington Times, channeling First Read, covers concerns among GOP strategists and conservatives that their "value voters" turnout will be depressed and cost them crucial margins on election day. 

The Chicago Tribune notes, "Economic conservatives had sounded their own complaints about the Republican regime earlier, angered by record congressional spending.  Some foreign policy conservatives oppose the war in Iraq as an unwise--and unconservative--attempt to remake the world.  So in several significant ways, the coalition that had once seemed so solid in fact had been cracking for the last several years."  

The AP: In "races across the country, Democrats are working to make their case for change by arguing the Foley scandal is symbolic of a Republican Party in power too long." 

Fallout from the page scandal is reverberating out West, where Democrats in Arizona are calling on 8th district candidate Randy Graf (R) to return money Hastert raised for him last month, reports the Tucson Citizen

Vice President Cheney headlines a fundraising luncheon today for another GOP candidate locked in an uphill battle to retain a House seat in the face of serious logistical hurdles: Shelley Sekula-Gibbs, who's waging a write-in campaign for Tom DeLay's seat.  The Houston Chronicle says her opponent, Nick Lampson (D), asked her to join him in calling for the resignation of GOP House leaders who knew about Foley's communications with teenage pages.  "She told the Houston Chronicle she is 'waiting for the investigation to unfold.'"