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Security Politics

— President Bush campaigns today for Rick Renzi (R) in Scottsdale, AZ, who's pretty secure, and for struggling gubernatorial nominee Bob Beauprez of Colorado before ending his three-day Western swing.  As we suggested he would yesterday, "Bush tried to focus voters on the fight against terrorism Tuesday...  He told cheering Republicans at a $400,000 breakfast fundraiser in Stockton that Democrats would raise their taxes and 'cut and run' in Iraq.  Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid of Nevada issued an e-mailed response that despite Bush's talk about being 'tough,' Republicans have put national security at risk by bungling Iraq and ignoring warnings of the 9/11 attacks five years ago." 

The New York Times writes that, tucked away in the military spending bill for the past year, was a provision providing $20 million to celebrate victory in Iraq and Afghanistan.  "Not surprisingly, the money was not spent.  Now Congressional Republicans are saying, in effect, maybe next year.  A paragraph written into spending legislation and approved by the Senate and House allows the $20 million to be rolled over into 2007."