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And a Dash of Oh-Eight ...

A new WNBC/Marist poll shows Rudy Giuliani leading the GOP pack nationally with 23%, followed by Condoleezza Rice with 20% and McCain at 15%, after which comes the rest of the pack.  Giuliani also beats Sen. Hillary Clinton, the far-and-away favorite to win the Democratic nomination, in a general election match-up by seven points.

Speaking of New York mayors, "Mayor Bloomberg isn't the only person who doesn't think he should run for President," writes the New York Daily News, which notes how the new poll "indicates that Bloomberg would get clobbered if he were to run against Clinton and Giuliani.  Bloomberg said yesterday that he is not interested in running for the White House, he would rather 'spend the next three years cutting ribbons on projects.'  The poll also found that 30 percent of voters nationwide are not likely to support a woman nominated by either major party." 

The Manchester Union Leader reports that Gov. Mitt Romney (R) is adding "58 Granite Staters" to his PAC's New Hampshire steering committee.  They represent "a cross-section of social conservatives, law enforcement officials and activists." 

And Gov. George Pataki (R) has opened a PAC office in New Hampshire, the first potential presidential candidate to do so.  Pataki who has also opened a similar office in Iowa, insists that he doesn't have his eye on the White House. "'This is about '06,' he said.  'It really is.'"