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The Defending Majority

The Wall Street Journal says the scandal gives the GOP "new reason to worry about two key constituencies: Christian conservatives and suburban soccer moms."   

The Boston Globe says that "Democrats and some analysts believe the scandal could imperil other GOP seats" besides Foley's, "especially if Democrats can convince voters that GOP lawmakers didn't aggressively look into the complaint against Foley when it surfaced last year." 

Bloomberg notes how the combination of the National Intelligence Estimate, the Woodward book, and the Foley scandal denied congressional Republicans the chance to head into recess touting their (scant) legislative accomplishments and making the most of the momentum they had built up during September.  http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601087&sid=aUnUTu_ZrhDk&refer=home

"US Republicans are facing challenges to their credibility this week on two of their strongest themes - family values and national security - with questions on whether the leadership had covered up a scandal involving a congressman sending explicit e-mails to teenage boys, and whether the White House has covered up rising problems in Iraq," says the Financial Times

"Republican operatives closely following the battle for the House and Senate said that they are virtually ready to concede nearly a third of the 15 seats the Democrats need to recapture control of the House, and that they will spend the next five weeks trying to shelter other vulnerable incumbents from the fallout of the Foley scandal in hopes of salvaging a slender majority," says the Washington Post

Republicans' best option right now: make Democrats as unpalatable to voters as possible.  Vice President Cheney, campaigning in Wyoming yesterday, "said he didn't have to remind the crowd what sort of legislation would come forward in Congress if Democrats gained the majority, invoking the idea of Sen. Edward Kennedy and Rep. Barney Frank, both Massachusetts Democrats, becoming committee chairs." 

The Republican House campaign committee has started airing TV ads in certain districts focusing on would-be Speaker Nancy Pelosi.