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The Campaigner-in-Chief

The New York Times writes about Bush parachuting in on the campaign trail.  "While not yet conducting full-scale campaign rallies, Mr. Bush will be appearing more frequently with candidates, often in heavily Republican areas where Democrats are nonetheless competitive this year."  But in blue states and the most competitive races, candidates

The Washington Post says of Bush's fundraiser last night for House candidate Dean Heller, who's running in a traditionally GOP-leaning district in Nevada, "The fact that Bush had to go to the aid of Heller... was another indication of Republican trouble.  The 2nd Congressional District... has not elected a Democrat since being created in 1982.  But in the bruising August primary..., Heller emerged financially tapped out," and the "latest public poll, commissioned by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, found Heller leading Democrat Jill Derby by just 45 percent to 42 percent." 

The Sacramento Bee covers Bush's campaign swing through California today.  "In the last midterm congressional elections four years ago, the president's efforts paid big dividends for his party, but since then the political ground has shifted.  He's still a big draw for Republican fundraisers, but some candidates who proudly campaigned with Bush in the past are keeping their distance now." 

On the eve of Bush's fundraiser for Pombo, the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund released a new poll showing Pombo trailing opponent Jerry McNerney, 48%-46%.  But Amy Walter of the nonpartisan Cook Political Report still believes Pombo will hold onto his seat.  "I think that Pombo is very weak -- which is why Democrats had tried to get someone to run against him," she tells First Read.  "However, they have a weak candidate who Pombo and the GOP will be able to define...  One person will have the money to define the race (Pombo) and one person won't (McNerney).  Thus, advantage Pombo."